About Tumblr account password

I don’t know if it’s something everybody already knows, but when you change your tumblr psw be sure to also disconnect everything you’ve connected your account to.

If you don’t, even if you change your psw the apps will be still allowed to connect to your account even with the wrong psw, unless you logout willingly.

so, for more security , after changing your psw also disconnect every app you granted acces to.

like this the app(s) connected to your account will need to login again with the correct psw.



Loki’s new design based on Tom Hiddleston’s Loki from the first Thor movie.

I’m so glad that someone finally just out and said it, LOL. 

i’ve just read the young avengers just because of loki, i think… still not sure about that.. the only thing i know is that he’s an adorable, cute, and useless bastard <3

apparently one of my cats thought it would be a good idea to eat my knee.

only it kind of wasn’t. ouch.

wretuyjkftfda don’t know how much i’ll use it, but i’m going to use a sideblog for my drawings and stuff like that. i just don’t like to put everything all in one pot like a multi-flavor-super-soup… and maybe i’ll feel more free to draw whatever i want

okay i was searching an anime song on a site and i just noticed that the last naruto ending’ title is Cascade.

why am i laughing? 

a few hours ago i saw those two windows, one above the other, from the street

blue curtains with cold lights, and red curtains with warm lights. i couldn’t take a picture because i was on the car and my sister was calling me fffff- but i stared at them as long as i could.

and why did i almost immediately thought about dave and john? like, oh look they live in the same city, same building, they also share the same landscape, but they doesn’t know that, they chat through pesterchum and shit, not knowing (yet) where the other lives, different schedules, works- woah sounds like something pretty abstract and fat chances but why not?

Friend: what do you want as a gift?
Friend: a burn in the shape of Cal' head on your back?
Friend: that will leave the scar [[scar in italian is 'cicatrice']]
Friend: the scal [['la cicaltrice']]
Friend: the lilscal [['la lilcaltrice]]
Me: i'd rather it to be the hero of time' gear
Me: thanks

dang i should stop

someone stop me i cant do it by myself

a mix between Sherlock’ skull, Jake’s love for skulls, Dave’ shades, Dirk’s love for ponies, Naruto on the iPod’s cover, some babystuck’ sketches on the pages beneath the skull and an odd T on my keyboard lol

and me

my 4 new wallpapers ( ´∇`)♥

just saying, i’ll delete it later. why am i even bothering to write it then.. :U oh well, goodnight. gotta think about something to write for an ask….. C: *creepy smile* fuck it’s supposed to be an all ‘cute and fluff’ blog, why am i even thinking things like that.. but it sounds like a lot of fun… +u+